❤️Ama recap Bitmart Exchange X Butter Lemon

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(H) Host : The Green Whale

(G) Guest : Mr. Chad Liang ( listing head )

Ama Fragments :

  1. Project introduction by basic questions
  2. 5 best twitter questions
  3. 5 best questions from chat

H => Welcome Mr. @solaryears In ButterLemonCommunity .

G=>Hello everyone

H=>It is our pleasure that you are here to tell about Bitmart 😊

G=>Always happy to introduce our platform to more users😁

H=>Before we begin the first part of our AMA, can you tell us something about yourself, please? And how long have you been in Bitmart ?

G=>This is Chad, head of listing at BitMart. It’s my pleasure to meet all of you here. And thanks Butter Lemon team for hosting this event. Myself is a crypto believer and investor too. Hope I can provide some helpful insights and useful information for you today. I’m also a crypto lover, and I do trade and invest since 2013. I joined BitMart Sep last year, but in this industry for a while.

And I listed most of the Bitmartians' favorite tokens like Safemoon, AKT, FTS etc😎

H=> nice job😊🎊

H=> If you are ready . Let's move on our first fragment of AMA .
1. You will introduce BitMart main concept and basic features by my questions .

2. Type "DONE" after your answers so we can avoid the interruption

3. We will give some time between each question for all the people to read the question and answer properly.


G=> okay ! Yep

H=> 1. Please introduce BitMart first. What’s its mission & vision? What kind of products and services is BitMart providing?

G=> BitMart Exchange is a premier global digital asset trading platform, ranking among the top 5 crypto exchanges on CoinGecko. Officially operated on March 15, 2018, BitMart currently has over 5,500,000 registered users, with a daily trading volume of about 4 billion US dollars.
We are headquartered in the Cayman Islands with branch offices in New York, Hong Kong, and South Korea, BitMart is now offering 500+ trading pairs in spot market and 15 trading pairs in futures market.
BitMart aims to help traditional businesses realize digital capitalization by providing a one-stop solution (technical, financial, and marketing solutions) through an innovative incubator which will further bridge the gap between traditional finance and the world of digital currency.

G=> done .

H=> fabulous 🥳

H=> 2. Can you tell us some features of BitMart Exchange that set you apart from other exchanges? What are the main competitive advantages of BitMart?

G=> Yes, there are a few points

First one is security. By applying advanced anti-fraud blockchain technology supported by its strategic partners worldwide, BitMart can provide a hacker-resistant, stable, and reliable transaction system for its users worldwide include Hacken, SlowMist Technology, CertiK, Hosho, The Cabin Capital, and OpenFinance.

Then Compliance
Since 2018, BitMart has been registered as a federal-level Money Services Business (MSB) with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Bureau (FinCEN) under the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Furthermore, in 2019, BitMart obtained state-level MSB licenses with the State of Washington and the State of Arizona and a direct waiver from the state of Colorado. The platform has multiple state-level Money Services Business license applications pending and aims to achieve a fully compliant status across the US in the near future.

Also user friendly, when designing the trading platform, BitMart always regards user experience as the top priority and puts people first. Its UI/UX product team regularly optimizes and upgrades web pages and apps to better meet users' needs. In this part, we still have huge room to improve and we are on it.

The thing really make us one of the most go-to exchanges these days is we currently listed more than 400 tokens and fiat transaction to more than 40 cryptos. In addition, since April, we have at least 1 new listing everyday, we are one of the fastest exchanges.

We are much faster than all other US exchanges, and users can find almost all major coins and tokens here, also hot new projects.

H=> Wow so many great features. Very good 💜

G=> 3. What success have you achieved in your roadmap so far? Can you share some milestones?

H=> I would like to share 2 pictures for this question.

And we have very good diversity

And we are stable at top 10 on Coingecko for a while.


H: Looks good ☺️

H: 4. Can you share short-term and long-term developing goals of BitMart? Any new products coming soon?

G: Yes, we are trying our best to make our product better.
We understand we are far away from perfect, there are lots more to work on.

We are hiring more talents and try to boost our user experience to another level. We are developing more functions like margin trade, saving/earning, fiat withdraw, soft staking and BitMart charity.

Our target is to become an Open Financial System that’s Natively Digital, Efficient, and Accessible

Stop loss/gain, trailing limit is also under development.

And we are registering our exchange in more key countries.

Most of them will come true in Q3 this year.

Also welcome to tell us any feature you would like us to have, we do listen to our users and value your advisements.

H: 5. How do BitMart recognize potential projects?

G: We receive hundreds of applications every months and we do reach out positively. we review all of them and find the best ones in terms of project idea, team background, marketing strategy and community etc.

We have an assessment team to do the review

Also We have close relationships with launch pad like Republic, DaoMaker, capital and VCs like Fenbushi Capital, Pentera capital and major mainnet ecosystems like Polygon, Solona, Near, Avalanche etc. So we are able to find potential good projects in an early stage.
Users are also an good indicator

Many of you guys are very passionated and willing to contact us and request to list your favorite tokens.

This will add scores to the project


H: Very good I am really appreciated from your response and team background of BitMart

Thank for your answer. Now time to move twitter questions. If you are ready. Let's go 😁.

I will post 5 good and random question from twitter ❤️

Q1 from @WSG_HODLers

What are the main targets, partnerships that trying to achieve in the near future? And do you already have collaborative connections with strategic partners in the crypto world ?

G: I believe this year is for Mainnet ecosystem

So we are focusing on high performance mainnet ecosystem now, we are trying to build deeper cooperations with Polygon, Solana, Near, Cardano, Avalanche etc, and trying to list most popular tokens on these chains.

You can soon see more and more new high quality listings. Also we will have a big events and announcement within this month.
We are also working on the partnerships with liquidity providers, auditors, and legal firms

That is more for project side.


What is your plan for global expansion? At present, which market does focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners ?

G=> So far we have more than 1/4 users are US citizens, and US is still our highest priority.

Following by Asia and Europe.
China has strict regulation now and we have to exit it at this moment

South America and Africa are our weakest market, but they have huge potential and we are trying to find more projects there to attract local users.
But literally we are already a global exchange.

Q3 from @Rafi2758

Is your platform suitable for Crypto new starter? Or does it only appeal to Pre experienced and proffesional users?

G : Yes, our UI is pretty straight forward

We have two version of indicators and add ons for new users and professional traders.

I used some other platforms, I think BitMart is easy to find where to trade, where to search for specific tokens and where to use fiat to by tokens.

And all CEXs are easier than DEXs for new starters.

Once we have more features like margin trade or stop loss, it may become a little bit more difficult for new starters to understand, but we will try our best to keep it as sample as possible.

A good platform is for everyone.

Q4 from @Alistai89126620

From the updates posted this week, I read that BitMart Exchange achieved the highest ranking among all exchanges on CoinGecko, could you briefly explain to me what was the reason for fulfilling this objective? Also, are there any plans for keeping up with that official ranking?

G: CoinGecko rank exchanges by trust score

It is a sum of several factors, including security, volume, traffic, liquidity, type of assets etc.

A higher rank means better performance and it is credit for our work.

We will absolutely keeping up

Both users and projects are prefer to come to a higher ranked exchange

Q5 from @Shohan24711601

Do you have any plans to add Nft's to your ecosystem as this is the hottest topic in the crypto space?

G: Yes, NFT’s are hot

We may have some of our own NFTs, but it is not a priority, and we don’t have plan to do a BitMart NFT marketplace like Binance and FTX did.
We probably do a page on opensea

But we like NFT projects, and we already have a independent sector for them.

H: thanks for your answer ! Twitter questions finished .

Now time to open chat for more questions

Tg questions

1. What are the events at the moment supporting the new users on Bitmart and how are the old users benefited ?

We do promotions for all new listings, and host seasonal events. We adjust the ways new users and old users can earn the rewards, but they will get same amount, we treat new and old users eqaully.

2. Covid-19 has a bad impact in almost every sector. So, as a crypto projects how did it affect you? How you and your team have done the work in the pandemic?

:> I think the pandemic didn’t impact crypto world at all. People have to stay at home and they actually trading more. And some charity projects come out to help.

3.What is the most ambitious goal of Bitmart ? I would appreciate it if you could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

:- Become the best exchange in the world🥳

4.I know at this moment, the most Necessary for your project is Community. what is your plan to set a solid and strong community? Where can people reach about you and be part of your community?

:- Yes, community is very important, we have communities in more than 10 languages, and keep expanding. Simply join one of them or follow our twitter or register a BitMart account, you are one of our community member.

5.What’s your long term vision about the industry you are working on. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and are you afraid a better technology will arise that will topple BMX (Bitmart ) ? #BMX Go To Moon ?

:- The industry is still new and under developed, I’m optimistic it will grow much more. We never fear of new techs but welcome them.

Done .

Ama finished ☺ Writer : The GreenWhale

Thanks for reading