AMA Fragments -
1. Introduction of BSCMAX
2.Twitter Questions
3.Group - Questions

(H) HOST : TheGreenWhale
(G) GUEST : Mr. Joel praysse ( CTO )

H: Hey everyone ! welcome to our special ama with Bscmax 😊Welcome Mr. Joel In Butter Lemon Community.

G: Thank you for having me today. My name is Joel, CTO at Bsc Max Inc.

H: It is our pleasure that you are here to tell about BSCMAX 😊…How are you Joel 😁

G: Awesome. 👍BSC MAX is a company based in Canada and Luxembourg started in 2020 with a simple mission is to make DeFi accessible and fair for everyone. Empowering crypto projects with the ability to distribute tokens and increase liquidity as well as removing KYC & Countries barriers.

H: Good. But can you introduce yourself before 1st fragment of our ama , please ?

G: Absolutely, I am Joel Praysse.

C.T.O of the company and co-founder.

H: Nice ✅

If you are ready , let's move on 1st fragment of AMA ?

G: Please.

H: This is my 1st question 😊.

1. What is BSCMAX we want to know more about it and how it works ?

BSC MAX is a company based in Canada and Luxembourg started in 2020 with a simple mission is to make DeFi accessible and fair for everyone.

Empowering crypto projects with the ability to distribute tokens and increase liquidity as well as removing KYC & Countries barriers.

We have a team of 39 people at the moment dedicated 100% on our road map.

2. Can you tell us some of the features of Bscmax that set you apart from other comparable projects? What are the comparative advantages of your project ?

Definitely, to make it simple for everyone.
BSC MAX is an all in 1 innovative platform:

✔️ A very powerful Launchpad for IDO projects on BSC, Solana, Tron and Polygon Blockchains
✔️ A low fee and fast transactions Swap/Dex application
✔️ A reward Staking tool to increase benefit of BSMX token holders
✔️ Additionally, we are conducting Audit service to establish a safe climate for financial investors and protect against Rug pull/Scams.

4 components that will grow in the future to include Nft and Farming .

3. What success have bscmax achieved in its roadmap so far? And what is your priority to do in future ?

🔥Our amazing team has accomplished so much since our kick off project in January 2021.

We have reached an amazing interest from both single and group investors.
170 BNB have been sold during our Seed Round, now it’s time to move on with the next phase.

We are really excited to announce our Official PRIVATE Presale.
It will take place JULY 24th, 15:00 UTC.

4. What are the benefits of investing in bscmax for a long time, and what benefits do you give to the holders?

Serious question. 🤔

Holding $BSMX on a long run will allow you to invest any new IDO project on our platform. Not only on Binance Smart Chain but also on Tron, Solana and Polygon. IDO/ICO projects will be in 2022 very wide from Low Cap gems to Unicorn companies.

5. You launch IDO with various projects. Can I know what is your verification system to check legitimacy of the project Which you launch IDO ?

Interesting point.

We will have 2 types of applications : Open and Verified.

The open project will be able to create IDOs and launching them directly using our online form.

The second one will be managed by our Audit and KYC team to verify project structure and team background.

H: 😁 Not serious , It is curiosity to know holding benefit of such a great project ☺️

G: I love it 👍

H: 1st fragment of ama is over .

thanks for your answer

If you are ready , let's move on twitter fragment 😁

G: ok, I have chosen few questions. can we start with the first one?

1-In your website I found that your future launchpad forms to be Tron,Solana and polygon in September,Q42021,Q12022 respectively I need to know what will be the uses and advantages for us users who are going to be with u from start When u launch those !!
by @Kowshik43211725

Investing early in the project will give you a better chance to participate to the most attractive IDOs.

Just to be clear, our company will hold only 1 and unique token : BSMX.

I Invite you to check the allocation and lottery pool page for more details regarding the BSMX levels.

Bsmx is going to be the backbone currency to join all the benefits of other blockchains.

2 - Many incubators implement great requirements to be able to participate in the IDO, such as Whitelist, rigorous KYC and even stake, so many users cannot participate in it, would BSC MAX implement these same requirements? or do you really prefer that many more users participate?
by @id_Qi86

On BSC MAX you will have access to Private and Public sales, KYC and Non-KYC projects, Low cap and Unicorn companies.

We at BSC MAX are promoting open projects for a more global adoption of the crypto currency over the world. We still Audit each project to establish a safe environement for our investors.

Quality project always last longer than low gems. its a long race.

3- I heard that there is 5% token burn by September 2021 in $BSCMax . Do you think it will happen successfully?Do your team expect more than this??
by @Bunny1236248556

Yes indeed, we will burn 5% of our 1 million $BSMX. 🔥
It will automatically increase 🚀the value of our tokens and allow investors gain profit for investing early on the project.. Do not miss that.

Q4 Whats the total supply of the token ? Could you share a detailed tokenomics of mainnet token’s supply distribution?🧲🧲🧲
by @SajuMIA85949404

To get a full picture you can visit our home page

The local token for BSC MAX is a BEP-20 token called $BSMX with a maximum supply of 1,000,000 BSMX.

Some numbers to help you understand:
Public Sale: 45% 450.000
Private Sale 13% 130.000
Reserve 10% 100.000
Seed 7% 70.000
Partnerships 10% 100.000
Team 8% 80.000
Marketing 7% 70000

we are very early on the project so don’t miss the train.

Q5 - Many projects have failed in the past…you what makes different, what positions you well for success?
by @SujonMi82705547

The competition is pretty serious and projects are dying every day.

A Vision and a solid project can avoid weak investors run away.

We do at BSC MAX keep our priority and team focused. The competition is hard nowdays and we have some very interesting IDO coming soon. I recommend any investor to be patient, history will repeat and we are confident with our future partnerships.

Furthermore, our growing around the world especially in.China. We have decided to concentrate marketing over there.

Our Presale whitelist will close July 15th, so register before to late.

H: Twitter questions ended , thanks for your answer . I am very appreciate from your response.

G: Thank you for your valuable questions👌

H: Now we can unmute chat for more questions , if you are ready 😁 ?

G: lets go 💨

H: Thanks to everyone for your questions and interest in bscmax

now @Traptraw you can choose 5 best questions from above , and answer please 😊.

Q1 I see on bscscan there is 1 wallet holding more than 50%, is it a dev wallet?

All the wallets have a purpose. Private sale, Public, Teams etc. Most of the seed funds and partners will be locked and vested over time.

Q2 CAN you explain the background of your team? How will you and your team carry out this project during this current pandemic????

Our team is divided in 2 and work remotely. We do have experienced developers and Program managers that are very skilled to work using Scrum Agile methods. Most of our team members have been in the industry more than 5 years.

Q3 Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can u tell us, what makes your project different from projects ?

Some of our roadmap features are completed

Staking, Dex/Swap etc.

Q4. -Is your project a local or global project??"
-How many communites, do you have for non-english users?

We have arabic, Chinese, French turkish etc and many more. Growing every day.

H : Thanks for your answer . 😉

Thank you so much for spending time with us and explaining to Bscmax.

G: My pleasure. 🖐

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