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(H) Host: Sachin

(G) Guest: Mr. Mya Park [CEO]

AMA Fragments

1. Introduction Of Coinghost
2. Twitter Questions

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Welcome @Coinghost_admin To ButterLemon Community :)👏👏👏👏

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Q1. First of all, please introduce yourself with us. How and when you started? What's Your role in COIN GHOST ?

Hello, everyone. I am very happy to be here on behalf of Blockchain Crypto Portal Coinghost. My name is Mya Park and I am the CMO of Coinghost. Thank you for having me here.

Coinghost is a portal, a portal blockchain & crypto portal in Korea. Coinghost started of with a big mission, a mission to cleanse the crypto industry. Currently most of the crypto related communities and portals are filled with fake information, agitation and abusing articles and postings which eventually influence the market.

Also main mega portals in Korea do not reveal too many information about coin projects. It is extremely difficult to search for project information, having to surf the net long for long time.

This of course, is because the even for today crypto is still not considered to be an asset.

Time is changing and more people are actually investing in crypto. The population of Korea is fifty-five million, statistic says that some 2.5 million people are the number of registered users in Exchange. This is around which is around 4.5% of the whole population.

And given such reasons we thought the market needed a portal where crypto users could get any type of information.

Q2. Our Community would like to have a brief intro of $COINGHOST and its marketing strategies. Can you give us a glimpse? :)

Coinghost is focused on ‘searching’ feature because we pursue a blockchain & crypto portal. You can think of Naver, Google, but more focused on crypto.

I would like to point out 3 marketing points(more like 3 core factors of coinghost) : UGC + Mining Feature / Partnership / Advertisement

1. User Generated contents + Mining

- Coinghost provides News feature ‘NewGho’, Blog feature ‘BlogGho’ and QA feature ‘QA_Gho’.

NewsGho you can meet the latest news related to crypto. We have partnership we the biggest news contents provider such as Coinness, Coinreaders, Xangle and many more.

Most portals do provide news. So I will skip this part. The highlight of coinghost is mineable feature. Within coinghost you can mine GST by posting contents, making comments, and asking question, answering question. Yes it is like Steemit but with a twist. Every action is rewardable within coinghost. And should your posting be helpful to other users, you can earn more GST. And we think this is one of main marketing point.

2. Partnership

As a portal partnership with media platform is crucial. So as I have previously mentioned we are partners with the most popular platforms in Korea.

Besides news media partners we are also partner with Bananatok. I believe you have met Bananatok yesterday. Bananatok is the biggest SNS crypto portal in Korea doing diverse marketing. We as a portal is exclusive partner with Bananatok sharing the ecosystem, meaning that mined GST can also be used at Bananatok.

Coinghost and Bananatok believe that once Portal and Chatting SNS app is combined together we can monopolize the whole market in Korea.

3. Last but not least, we also do billboard Ads. We also do many type of events and lecture sessions to let making it fun for users by staying at coinghost.

Q3. What are the benefits of investing in COINGHOST for a long time, and what benefits holders can grab?

First of all, at coinghost, people can stake GST and earn interest. Coinghost Bank’s interest rate is a lot higher than any banks in Korea.

Not only is coinghost bank profitable but coinghost bank like Bananabank , is also fun to watch. It is fun to watch because stakers can check out their GST amount getting bigger in real time. This is how it works.

Besides mineable feature Coinghost will also be launching diverse service. Coinghost will provide platforms where holders will be able to utilize GST.

Currently we are working on COGO Games, COGO shops, just like many other portals such as Naver and Daum. These main portals in Korea provide these, the difference is that at traditional portals users need to use fiat currency whereas at Coinghost people will be utilizing GST for such services.

Q4. Can you share what success $COINGHOST had achieved in its Roadmap so far? :)

Ok, sure. I will share what we achieved so far, and what our future plans are.

Q4 2019 – CoinGhost project is born and GST 2.5 billion issuance
Q2 2020 – CoinGhost Beta Test
Q3 2020 – CoinGhost officially opened (mobile version)
Q4 2020 – CoinGhost PC version officially opened / equipped with mining function
First quarter of 2021 – Cogobank open / staking service introduced
Q2 2021 – Launch of real-time search term service
Q3 2021 - Project Go and public information, breaking news release
4Q 2021 – Ghost Goods launch
Q1 2022 – Ghost Shop launch
Q2 2022 – Ghost TV / Game Launch

Till the 3rd quarter of 2021, we have achieved all our plans and at this moment we are working on Coinghost MD products.

Also we are working to expand our partnership with diverse type of media platforms.

Coinghost also be introducing the upgraded version of coinghost with more diverse features and upgraded user friendly UI. Coinghost has achieved every step on the roadmap, and we plan to continue on doing so.

Q5. Everyday we can hear of fake projects creating fake tokens and not providing liquidity, in order to keep safety in mind of it's users, how can $COINGHOST prove that it is not one of them?

First of all, CoinGhost has strategic partnerships with various companies already proven in the industry.

It shares and uses wallets with blockchain messenger Bananatok, conducts user swapping, and exposes the fastest news through a strategic partnership with Coinreaders, the No. 1 blockchain news media company in Korea.

I think strategic partnerships with companies that are sufficiently recognized have a lot of meaning in themselves.

In addition, CoinGhost is one of the projects with the most communication between managers and users through the official community. This part cannot be overlooked.

CoinGhost also earned a BB grade in XCR. Currently, it is BB grade, but various IR activities will be carried out to further raise the grade within this year.

H. Thanks for your answers, here it ends our first fragment, let's move ahead to twitter segment. :)

G. Sure let's go

Q1. Does coinghost have an gaming app?If no then will it will be in future?

We do not have any game feature for the time being.

However as I have already mentioned in the first session, game service will also be launched at coinghost.

Unlike google, Korea’s portal platform’s have many diverse services, we aim to provide the same, crypto base.

Q2. Where can I buy $GST tokens and is the $GST token audited for smart contracts?

Coinghost unfortunately will not be doing any presale. Coinghost has already received an Audit by Slowmist.

And also GST is uploaded on Xangle(a credibility platform), and it scored the highest in this section.

Q3. How are you planning to bring non crypto investors to invest in Coinghost? What are your strategies towards this as bigger community is the key to get success in any project.

Coinghost will be launching various services that can be enjoyed not only by crypto users but also any ordinary users.

Coinghost is a platform where people can utilize GST and enjoy shopping and games. Thus we are not too worried about ordinary users.

Q4. How are you planning to prevent your users from bearish runs in the market. How will you keep the price of coinghost stable or pumped in critical market?

Our ultimate goal is to build and platform, ecosystem. And we plan to do it well. For the time being we choose to focus on the essence of our project rather than planning burns, buyback or any temporary way of controlling token price.

Q5. Do you have user manual or short videos that would guide potential users of project to safely navigate your platform?

We shall be uploading many clips which shall help users understand the platform.

For now I will share our website.

H. That sounds pretty good ☺️

Here we ends our twitter segment, i hope you enjoyed our today's AMA :)

G. It was really great time!

H. Best regards to $COINGHOST from ButterLemon Team for a great future 🚀🚀🚀🚀

Thank you for joining us :)

G. Thanks! This was my first time having AMA for global users!

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