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(H) Host: Sachin

(G) Guest: Mr. Chef Tang

AMA Fragments

1. Introduction Of Lucky Unicorn
2. Twitter Questions
3. Group Questions

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Q1. What is Lucky unicorn? What are it's valuable features?

Lucky Unicorn is a NFT Gaming & NFT Trading platform where users could hatch eggs into different types of unicorns and use that to participate into multiple minigames. The core mechanism of the project is Play-to-Earn, meaning that players earn L99 while participating in the on-chain games. L99 token can be traded or used to enhance player's unicorn. Lucky Unicorn also utilize the Guild system which players could form or join different guilds to participate in Guild events & activities.
Most of the NFT Gaming on the market nowadays don't really have a sustainable economy while in Lucky Unicorn, we do have a carefully crafted plan for that. Moreover, we are not going to stop at being a NFT Gaming but a NFT Metaverse platform. Stay tuned for more updates from us.

Q2. Can we get a glimpse of marketing strategies of Lucky Unicorn?

Our marketing plan varies with the current situation of the market. As we are the new kid on the block, we still explore more about how everything works on the blockchain marketing world. But we could divided into three sections:
- Regular AMAs and social updates from Lucky Unicorn: showing the people that we are active and expose to new audience
- Getting published on the news: to get more credibility about the projects as well as acquiring new users also
- Partnership with different marketing channels
We are running those 3 at the moments and we are open for any kind of marketing proposals from anyone. So feel free to contact us at

Q3. Elaborate l99 tokenomics and explain the distribution and locking of funds if any?

Well, The L99 token is distributed and locked based on our vesting schedule:
- 30% of the L99 token is allocated for Play-to-Earn fund
- 20% is reserved for public CEX offering
- 20% is for DEX liquidity on the market (for liquidity provided by Lucky Unicorn team, we locked it inside a vesting contract that could be checked here:
- 20% is for our team (16% is locked until CEX offering)
- the other goes to marketing and stuff on the market
=> We have minted 440,000,000 L99 accounting for 44% of Max supply, majority of them are locked inside contracts which can be checked at:

Q4. Can you share L99 success it has achieved in its roadmap so far

Well, we have reached phase 1 of the project and everything has been going good so far, we got featured on different news around the world. Yesterday, we've been listed on Coinmarketcap and ranked 3k1 now. It's not much but we could take small guaranteed step at a time. Thank you all L99 holders for supporting our project ;).

Q5. Is Lucky Unicorn audited by trusted authorities? Can we know the names? And what are your plannings to secure user funds safe?

We are still in the process of getting audited. But rest assured because we are 100% sure assets are SAFU inside the smart contracts. Trust no authority but the code itself. Our inhouse team also did a lot of penetration testing before getting it published on mainnet so that one thing for sure. For detailed about the audit result, we will publish soon in the near future, probably in around 1 week-2 weeks from now, our auditors would issue a report.

Twitter Questions

Q1. L99 Egg costing 7575 l99 tokens unlock something unlock after 23 hours. What are the benefits of purchasing that egg compared to the one costing 6250? Do we get legendary unicorns from this one and common from the one costing 6250. Or it only increases chances?

Well, let me correct that each egg cost 6250 L99 and there is no price changes in different types of eggs. So the longer your egg need to be hatched, the better quality the unicorn hatched for sure. Legendary unicorns are not available at the first stage of the game, only COMMON, UNCOMMON & RARE Unicorns are hatched at now.

Q2. Guild battles also there, that's great opportunity to earn more coins... What are the condition of these guilds and profits of playing guild battles over solo?

Of course, to participate in Guild battle, you need to be a member of a Guild. The gameplay of Guild battle is kept secret until the launch of it.
Guild battle is at large scale while solo battle is at smaller scale. Guild battles could take days to happen while our expected solo battle would take around 15 minutes for each game.

Q3. What kind of partnerships with different projects/platforms/protocols can we expect from your project in the future?

We are in the process of integrating Chainlink VRF into our platform to protect the randomness of the chain. It would be announced once we finalize our agreements. There are multiple partnerships are under discussing so there will be a lot more for you guys to expect.

Q4. Could you please describe how your project plan to support NFT development? and do you have any project plans for combining NFT with DeFi?

Every items used on Lucky Unicorn platform is in fact NFT. From the unicorns to the grass they eat, all of them are being implemented as different types of NFT. And yes, Lucky Unicorn is going to open a pool for farming and staking on our platform soon.

Q5. In how many ways can I make passive income? If I can easily bet other tokens to generate income then what would be main incentive for users to acquire the your token?

You could become a Guild leader to receive passive income in our system. The guild leader will get 5% rewards for each member’s unicorn’s play-to-earn round. Also farming and staking is going to be available on Lucky Unicorn platform, so you can expect that to be a source of income also.

Live Questionaire

Q1. As you know, many people judge projects by token price, What should you tell investors? Is there any Lucky Unicorn plan to increase token demand?

Token price reflecting the user's need for that token, in case of Lucky Unicorn, players need to have L99 to participate in our metaverse. As we grow our ecosystem, more and more blockchain NFT games will need L99 to operate, that's the incentive for our project.

Q2. Token burning is beneficial to any project because it can control the number of tokens in circulation and provide investors with greater incentives. Does your great project L99 have a plan for token burning .?

We do have a plan for burning. Each quarters, we will start burning L99 token based on the market at that time. For detailed, you can look at our burning scheme in our whitepaper

Q3. 30% of the total l99 is available for play to earn. And that is a huge amount for distribution. What benefits l99 will be able to get from this distribution?

Players could earn from that pool by participate in various activities on the platform. We not only restrict ourselves in the games we offer but rather to build an ecosystem where other NFT Gaming publishers could utilize things that we built.

Q4. In the early days, how inspired was Lucky Unicorn to become an unsupervised protocol mindset?

We believe in a trustless future where everything could be verified without the need of a centralized authority. By taking a step in the NFT Gaming world, we prove that not only finance but rather gaming has its uses in the blockchain world.

Q5. Where can I play Game#LuckyUnicorn? PC, Console or mobile and Can you explain what kind of device specs I need to have to play the #LuckyUnicorn game?

You can start playing now at We already listed on Pancakeswap so you can get $L99 there. You don't need a PC to play it. Your mobile is fine. Installing Metamask or any wallet provider to start playing it now 🦄

H. Thanks for your great answers, it was a great time spending with you.

G. Thanks for this session, you have a very nice community.

H. Thanks, best wishes to L99 from Butterlemon Team, have a nice day.

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