AMA Recap : Rangers Protocol

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(H) Host: Sachin

(G) Guest: Mr. Nicolas [BD HEAD]

AMA Fragments

1. Introduction Of Rangers Protocol
2. Twitter Questions
3. Group Questions

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Q1. What is Ranger Protocol based upon? Are there any special reasons or story for choosing this name?

Rangers Protocol (website: is a blockchain infrastructure for the virtual world, formed through solving the actual application issues.

And Rangers Protocol is upgraded from Rocket Protocol early this year.

Compared with the last version, Rangers Protocol is more open ecosystem, serving all developers and users who want to develop in the blockchain world.

Q2. What are the values of Ranger Protocol in day to day life and how is it different and beneficial from others for long term holding?

Its value needs to be viewed from two aspects. The first is the product

It provides a developer-friendly infrastructure. Whether it is a blockchain developer or a traditional industry developer, it can be easily implemented based on the Rangers Protocol. Deployment. And as product functions become more and more abundant and perfect, the development process will become easier and simpler. This is a long-term value.

Secondly, in terms of tokens, for ordinary users, holding tokens for a long time and applying to become a node is the best benefit

We have calculated a data model based on the release mechanism of $RPG and the block reward mechanism. After the pledged token becomes the proposal node, its APR can be as high as 500%+ in the first phase, and the daily rate of return is as high as 1.55%.

We are about to release the $RPG token white paper, which will elaborate on the value of $RPG.

Please follow the official twitter information.

So for developers, holding the tokens sold at the original price is the most beneficial for the later deployment of dapp or other functions for gas consumption.

Q3. Our community would like to have a glimpse of Rangers Protocol tokenomics. Can you share with us?

We have to discuss this matter from three aspects

the initial allocation of tokens, the unlock cycle and the number of unlocks.

The token distribution mechanism of $RPG is: investors (10%), core team (14%), incubators and consultants (7%), eco fund (20%), ecological community (49%), treasure (0%). This picture can make it a little clearer

Among them, investors unlock linearly every day, and the unlock is completed within 400 days. In the unlock cycle of the core team, incubators, consultants, and ecosystem community, 8% of the remaining amount is released every 180 days. The eco fund decides whether to use it through community votes. Here’s also a picture to show the unlocking cycle works.

Q4. How far Rangers Protocol been able to complete steps of it's roadmap on time, as a punctual project only can be healthy for investors.

Basically, we try our best to complete all milestones according to our timeline and make sure of the products quality.

Until now, we have not yet delayed on any milestone.

However, we had to finish some milestones early. 😜

Q5. What kind of NFTs you are having in Rangers Protocol? Are these only designed NFTs or gameplay NFTs for earning Rangers Protocol coins by playing games?

Rangers Protocol is currently developing as expected. Technically, we are preparing to upgrade the testnet and prepare tools such as block explorers and NFT products.

These will help us prepare for the upcoming mainnet launch.

After the mainnet launches, DeHero, a popular GameFi application on BSC will be integrating with Rangers protocol.


Q1. Do community matters to Rangers Protocol? What are you doing for your current community? And what are your plannings to increase community size and spread the awareness globally?

Community matters a lot to us. We also have IDO whitelist spots for early community members.

Currently our community is growing in a very fast pace. Also, we have a lot list of global communities in our Linktree.

In the Regional Groups tab, you may be able to find four communities.

Users are also encouraged to create their own regional groups.

For it to be recognized by Rangers Protocol Team as an unofficial group, please send your request to our community admins.

Q2. "Free switching of etherum dapps". Sounds interesting, what are it's importances and values.? Can yu explain about it in details?

Rangers Protocol is Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible. This allows us to connect to EVM-compatible blockchains like BSC in a very rapid speed.

This would mean that corresponding blockchain assets will also be able to circulate with Rangers Protocol's powerful functions.

There are a lot of valuable codes, assets, and users on the Ethereum network. It would be an honor for us to provide them with the opportunity to easily surf through more blockchains.

Q3. As you know that in the present market situation many new coins or either dying or thriving for liquidity? How will you manage liquidity problem?

For this question i may say that we are very prepared.

For more events and latest news, please follow our official Twitter account.

Q4. Safety and security are always the most important issues. How will the team resolve if there is an unfortunate security problem? Has the team thought of a workaround for this problem?

Yes. We are auditing both our contracts and also our technologies.

Plus, we have also released a version of our testnet and applications are being deployed on it to test for anny potential bugs.

Our mainnet will be ready to launch by the end of the year.

Q5. Everyday many projects will bloom as well as many also will gone. As a starting project, how will you avoid rug pull & how will you avoid the same fate/others that are gone now? What are your plans for the next 6 or 12 months? What is the target this year?

We notice this problem in the industry. That's why we have a lot planned ahead for Rangers Protocol.

However, it may not be smart to disclose this information now. So please stay tuned to all our official accounts and i am sure that we will be surprising you all!


Q1. The Rangers protocol can realize blockchain groups with cross-chain contract interoperability between EVM systems of multiple blockchains. can you explain a little about the EVM System?

The EVM system, short for Ethereum Virtual Machine is the segment that calculates and executes smart contracts of the Ethereum network.

and we are compatible with all EVM compatible blockchain and can connect to even more!

For more technical intros, Please check the following link.

Q2. Recently, some of the users had problems setting up #RangerProtocol testnet. My question is, what updates did the CHFRY team make to provide a solution to this issue? Is there now a simpler and more intuitive configuration mode? What can you tell us about this?

Hey! thanks for paying attention to our testnet!

Currently only application for developer are accepted, so it may be a little hard to test Rangers Protocol as a general user.

If you are a smart contract developer, please feel free to send ann email to to get approved for testing.

Q3. NFT and GameFi are growing very fast, does #RangerProtocol
have some barriers to entry into this marketplace? What are your plans to unlock market's full potential, in order to compete with other NFT marketplaces like CryptoPunks, Anxie Infinity, Cool Cats...?

Rangers Protocol is planning for its mainnet launch by the end of the year. By then, we will also be publishing out development documentation so that developers will be able to migrate and develop applications onto the Rangers Protocol Network.

Also, DeHero, a popular gameFi application will also be migrating onto Rangers Protocol after Rangers' mainnet launch to provide its users with faster transaction confirmation, lower gas fees, and many more.

Stay tuned! We will surprise you!

Q4. I have seen that Rangers Protocol have done many AMAs, my question is, what do you expect to get from so many AMAs and what are your goals with the community? Do you consider the community to be a fundamental role in the project?

Communities definitely matter a lot for Rangers Protocol.

Only with a strong community, a project can thrive.

That's why we are doing all these AMAs. We want to find true believers of the project and grow together!

Join our Community NOW!

Q5. Metaverse is the new trend of the crypto market, does Rangers Protocol have any plans about this trend for its game?

Of course!

Rangers Protocol is especially designed to boost and support the construction of Metaverse!

All our highlights are to support this! Check out the following list of product highlights.

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