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What is butter lemon ?

ButterLemon is a crypto price bot , Which has been produced on Telegram. Which takes the responsibility of helping a crypto user in every possible way. It tells price, drawing charts, telling the latest news of the market, and some special things like ‘All time high’ and ‘All time low’. It can also see the balance of a user’s wallet. Now we have our own community where people come from different areas . We also invite you to join our community. Where we can all discuss about crypto together. These days we give some giveaways and drops for active members. Join us and discuss about new projects and participate in ama and win awards.

On this profile of the medium, we will recap of each successful ama . This will help you to know about that project even when you are not online at 'live ama ' time.

Note: We never give you financial advice. The investment in crypto is always full of risk. So invest only after your own research . We will not be responsible for your any loss.

We are ready to help you all the time. Join us


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Group: https://t.me/ButterLemonChat

Bot: https://t.me/ButterLemonBot

Admin ( Telegram : https://t.me/ButterLemonAdmin )